Workers’ Compensation And The “Experience Modification Factor”

If you’re in the market for a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy you may have come across something called the Experience Modification Factor. The experience modification, or e-mod, is a value that is used to adjust workers’ compensation premiums. It’s based on past insurance claims and future risk likelihood. A lower e-mod will translate to lower insurance premiums,

“No Voluntary Payment” Clauses In Insurance Policies Lose Some Effects In Colorado

Many construction businesses will find a “no voluntary payment” clause in their business liability insurance policies if they look deep enough. This clause provides insurers’ an out to deny claims coverage if the policyholder attempts to settle a claim without the insurer’s prior knowledge or consent. The clause may be used to deny a policyholder

Denver, Colorado Construction Claims Specialists In EIFS Claims

It’s a nightmare for every construction company; getting named as a defendant in a claim alleging faulty construction. If your company provided Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) there’s a good chance you’ve either already faced claims over this or are about to. EIFS claims have soared as homeowners discover water damage and mold and mildew

Denver, Colorado Construction Claims Services And CPM Scheduling

Even the best planned construction projects can go awry. Delays can be attributed to weather, supply chain problems or change orders, to name a few. If you are facing a claim or litigation due to a construction delay, call one of the Denver, Colorado construction claims consultants at Schlueter, Mahoney & Ross P.C. Our team

Denver, Colorado Construction Claims Consultants For Entran II Installation

If you installed the Entran II radiant heating hose in any of your construction projects, you may find yourself facing lawsuits from disgruntled property owners. The defective hose was widely used in the Rocky Mountain states in the 1990’s and has caused considerable property damage in the form of heating failure, water damage or both.


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