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Barriers To Attainable And Affordable Homeownership In Colorado

  Home ownership is becoming more and more unattainable for the average Coloradan. Even though there is demand, there just aren’t enough affordable housing options for the average home buyer. The reasons for this are more complex than simply over-priced homes and have repercussions that extend beyond only home buyers. Housing And Discretionary Income In

Why The Remedy Under The Homeowner Warranty Program, May Not Be A Remedy At All

Home warranties are supposed to give homeowners peace of mind and reassurance that if any major home issues crop up, they have some protection against repair and replacement costs. Unfortunately, some home warranties make more promises than they can deliver. In these situations, the home warranty coverage may not be worth it or the service

The Dangers of Overstating a Construction Lien

Construction Liens offer protection for construction professionals against non-payment. They can be filed by the general contractor or by subcontractors as a way to collect payment that is due to them. Although Construction Liens appear to benefit contractors, they could work against the contractor if they are not filed properly. Liens that are filed improperly,

Statute of Repose: What Constitutes an Unsafe Condition?

Construction defect lawsuits continue to rise for many reasons. There is a greater consumer understanding of construction defects and a willingness to pursue litigation over even the most minor of real or perceived construction defects. There are more attorneys willing to bring construction defects cases to court, and there is a lack of judicial clarity

Validity of “Pay When Paid” Provision

“Pay When Paid” provisions are increasingly common in the Colorado construction industry. Subcontractors have become used to seeing these clauses added to their contracts and typically sign them, even if they are reluctant to do so, because otherwise they wouldn’t get the job. The trouble with “Pay When Paid” clauses is that they shift the

“No Voluntary Payment” Clauses In Insurance Policies Lose Some Effects In Colorado

Many construction businesses will find a “no voluntary payment” clause in their business liability insurance policies if they look deep enough. This clause provides insurers’ an out to deny claims coverage if the policyholder attempts to settle a claim without the insurer’s prior knowledge or consent. The clause may be used to deny a policyholder


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