There are many reasons for consulting with a contract attorney. Here are our top 5.

  1. Attorneys will understand the nuances of the law and make sure the written documents memorialize the intent of the parties.
  2.  They can protect the client’s interests against the other party, if, for example, one party is overreaching on some aspects of the contract or allocates discretionary matters.
  3. Other party likely has an attorney (you don’t want to be at a disadvantage).
  4. Attorney’s experience will enable them to include clauses for potential unexpected issues in the future, again to ensure as much as possible that the intent of the parties is fulfilled.
  5. Properly written contract could potentially prevent future problems that could arise and result in litigation – costing the client more money, and certain clauses controlling  and where disputes get reduced, and who gets to recover their costs and attorneys fee, are essential.